Austin Newborn Photographer

Straight From Heaven

A birth, a brand new soul enters this world and not only is the child born, but the parents are as well.  Someone straight from Heaven and divinity wraps its arms arounds you and forever you are changed.  Love consumes you and your heart expands in a million different ways.   This is the miracle […]

Something Very Wonderful

Meet Baby Reid, younger brother to Big Brother extraordinaire and sweet little angel boy to Mommy and Daddy.  There is nothing like the way a mother looks at her newborn child, there are no words to describe the way a father holds his new baby and the look on an older sibling’s face when they […]


This shoot held an extra special place in my heart because I got to meet the Mommy and Daddy before they were a Mommy or a Daddy. I had the honor of photographing them for their adoption book. You may remember them, they were waiting, hoping, and praying for their child… and here she is! […]

Baby Girl

Newborn photography is an art form that I have shied away from. I am so inspired by the photographers who love newborn photography and can pose those little day old babies so precisely. I feel more comfortable with 2- 4 week old babies being held in the loving arms of the family members who adore […]

Answered Prayers

You may remember this couple from their ABC maternity shoot.  Their little bundle made her arrival and is nothing short of a perfect little angel.  I loved getting to watch her parents adore her and spend time capturing this special time in their lives.  Babies change so quickly and I am so blessed I get […]