Footprints on the Heart

This is my second time photographing this sweet family and they have a new member to the family.   A baby girl and now a baby boy makes this family complete.  They are all quite smitten with their new little man, but the way big sister lovingly held and looked at her baby brother brought a big smile to my face.  Morning light and sweet families filled with love for each other make my heart swell.  Enjoy their family session!





2015-05-17_0007 copy

2015-05-17_0008 copy

2015-05-17_0010 copy

2015-05-17_0012 copy

2015-05-17_0013 copy

2015-05-17_0021 copy

2015-05-17_0014 copy

2015-05-17_0015 copy

2015-05-17_0016 copy

2015-05-17_0017 copy

2015-05-17_0018 copy

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints on our heart.”  Unknown