Made of Stars

I am so happy to have my new and improved website up and running and to be able to have my blog back to showcase some of the amazing sessions we ended the year with!  This was one of my favorite sessions to date for numerous reasons but without further ado… meet Brenna, our Westlake High School Class of 2015 Representative.  To say we loved working with Brenna would be an understatement.  My amazing team and I decided we wanted to give Senior girls an opportunity to bring out their unique beauty and give them a voice in which they could be heard, a place to inspire others with who they are and how they see the world that is waiting to be theirs.  Brenna definitely leaves us inspired and hopeful that she will be a part of making her future and our future a much brighter place.  We are honored to have Brenna’s session featured on Style Redefine.  Check it out, we know you will be inspired!  Brenna, we are proud of you and honored to have been able to take your Senior photos!


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Special thanks to the very talented ladies at www.goldenbonesatx.com and www.adoremakeupsalon.com for their integral part in helping to make Brenna look and feel her very best.  And I leave you with one of Brenna’s favorite quotes:

“Be humble for you are made of Earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”  Serbian proverb