So Very Special

My way of giving back is to bless amazing families with a Laceymarie Storysession. I have followed this story for some time now and was so inspired by my friend from high school and his family as they began the process to adopt.  I wanted the honor of photographing them as a new family of six and they were willing to share their story,  here it is… In 2012 this family started to pray for their daughter/sister as a family. The three children prayed that she would have “bunches of food to eat”, “bunches of protection from bad guys”, and “bunches of sparkly, fun toys” for their future sister that they had yet to meet. The nickname “Bunches” stuck as they wondered what “Bunches” was doing or if she was even born yet. Fast forward one year later to 2013 and they get to meet her, to hug her, and to put this precious face to her name. Now, I am introducing her to you and asking you to pray for this amazing and inspirational family as they are transitioning into a family of six. Meet Bunches…what a blessing it was to photograph this famiy and share their story with you.  If you have an inspiring story and would like to share it for a chance at a Storysession, “LIKE” us on Facebook and share away!  THANK YOU, Bunches!

“I am so very special, I have been from the start. Before they held me in their arms my family held me in their hearts. And like a single drop of rain that on the waters fall, my life and love will ripples make and touch the lives of all. So read this precious story as step by step I grow. I am a blessing and gift as each page here will show.” Author unknown.